Dough-Nu-Matic Doughnut Maker (via Overstock) - $129.99
I wonder what the ROI is on one of these babies! 

USB Powered Lunchbox (via Tokyo Mango) - about $20
I can't believe this is real... 


WAKE n' BACON (via - one of a kind
An alarm clock that wakes you with the smell of freshly cooked bacon.  I can't believe I don't have one of these already... 


Bill Clinton Corkscrew (via Overstock) - $29.99
There's a Hilary nutcracker too.  No really.  There is. 



Almost X Rated Cookie Cutters (via - $20-$44
There's a gingerbread man also... it's a little more, graphic.


Vita-Mix 5201 XL Variable Speed Blender (via Blender World) - $1,806.31
When you make a ton of margeritas, only an $1,800 blender will do... 


Witmer Company Peanut Butter Mixer (via Amazon) - $8.99
For all those times you need your peanut butter mixed... stat!


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