When Greg at Sippity Sup said about the baby in April, "Congratulations, but I'll leave you to the diaper duties. See ya in 2 1/2 years!" I thought, no way.  I can hold down a full time job, be a father, surf, and write for papawow.com.

But when that south swell rolled in last week I realized - it is either surf or blog.  Sorry blog, but it was good.  Nevertheless, we're back, and although Chef Amy still throws it down in the kitchen, we have little time to post it.  When you top off the little man you've got about an hour before he becomes 3 Mile Island.  Get movin'!

We got a gift basket from my co-workers of wine and snacks, thank you.  We finally opened it and there were some goodies inside!  There's been a more-than-usual amount of fast food, pizza, chocolate ice cream in our lives - comfort foods.  

This week was brought to you by Haagen-Dazs Five,  Stone Brewery, New Belgium Brewery, Tommolo Winery, and Port Brewing Company.

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