I may spend $100 a month on coffee at coffee shops, Starbucks taking the lion's share.  I was thinking though...  If you buy their beans, and you buy their syrup - the only difference should be that you're either waiting for water to boil in your pajamas at your house, or you're waiting for the six people in line in front of you to order at your local shop.  

I'm looking at different ways to take my 'joe' with me on the road and I'll make updates as I come across them.  Not only to save money, but to save time.  Although I have not yet found my dream "2 Liter French Press/Thermos" that can make me 66 ounces of sweet ambrosia 'to go,' until then, I have been checking Starbuck's website for deals.

You can find it here:


 - Dave Koch

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