Paleo Prep

A new year, a new list.

There is something refreshing about a clean slate, a rebirth; like a Phoenix emerging from the ashes, each January brings a jubilee to reinvent ourselves. This is the time where we give ourselves carte blanche to sign up for a gym, a yoga class, Blue Apron - we spend money in order to force our own-hand to make changes in our own-lives. And for better or worse, the financial commitment works, even if it is only temporary, writing that check gets us off our asses and doing something out of our comfort zone.

It is important to have skin in the game.

Me? I bought a Groupon for 10 Bikram yoga classes. It was great. I sweat out most of the holiday ham, and the fruit-and-nut chews out of me. My knee felt better. My balance was better. I felt more centered. 

I went to 4. 

I told myself, "I'm an early riser, and they only had 6am classes 2 days a week." "I couldn't go after work, I would miss out on time with my family." "The weekends are especially precious." "I worked a long day today, I'm going to sleep in tomorrow."

The inner negotiations are real, and they're kind of hilarious once you step back from your own inner voice and realize what you're doing, "I'm tired. Instead of working out tonight, I'll set my alarm and work out in the morning." "It is just a fun size Snickers, I won't have any carbs for the rest of the day." "I've had a long day, I don't have time to cook so I'll just get Taco Bell and start my diet tomorrow."

Me? I started swimming, again, for the first time in about 6 months. It was amazing how quickly my body embraced the water. The odd aches went away before the end of the first 1000 meters. My breath noticeably improved in the first 30 minutes. I felt energized all day thereafter. 

I've gone 4 times. 

"It is cold outside, and I'm going to an outdoor pool. That's going to suck" "It's like, really cold, I don't want to get sick." "It is raining, all my stuff will get wet." "I'll go tomorrow to make up for it."

The next time you bail out of a workout, the next time you hit snooze, the next time you eat a half-pint of Ben and Jerry's - listen to your inner monologue, or dialog, or whatever it is, and think to yourself, "who am I negotiating with?" It is always there, and it has always been there. No one ever hits snooze without talking themselves out of getting up at that moment. "I have time, that's why I set it early." "I'll only go to the gym for 30 minutes, but I'll make it really count this morning."

Me? I told myself I'm going to start writing for fun again. I can do this. I'll set an easy task - two posts per month. Due by the 15th and the 1st of each month. I'll drag a friend into the challenge and we'll hold each other accountable. It'll be fun. I can write about whatever I want.

Hello February 1st - First post (I'm 2 behind)

"I write enough stuff for work." "I don't have any time." "I haven't done any good research" "I don't want to just throw some word vomit down, I want it to be meaningful." 

Who is that inner person that is constantly talking you out of becoming the person you strive to be? What is the evolutionary purpose of that naysayer? Is there a divine purpose behind us all being average? Is the key to success as simple as putting a muzzle on that voice that talks you out of doing the right thing?

Me? I started Paleo. I got a ton of veggies from the store. I started using more veggies from the garden. I got organic, grass-fed beef. I meal-prepped food to take to work. I knew I was doing well for my body, and I felt like I had more energy. 

I lasted 4 days.

I told myself, "I don't want to be that guy ordering something weird - with a bunch of questions - with a client at lunch." "I'm not that hungry, I'll just eat what I made for the kids tonight, Mac and Cheese." "Everyone's ordering breakfast burritos? I'm in!"

So here we go Paleo (Here we go) - and meet Taco Bell's Naked Chicken Chalulpa. At work: "We're making a 'Run for the Border', and everyone's getting one." "That's kind of Paleo, right? There's no tortilla!" "It's a novelty, it's not like I'm going to get them all the time."



Well, I'm only a little ashemed to admit - it was delicious.

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