I'm nuts.  You're nuts.  Isn't everything better with peanut butter?  Savory Thai dishes command it.  Vanilla ice cream is made divine when it is combined with peanut butter and fudge.  Bread and jelly are elevated to the heavens when they come together forming the holy sandwich trinity PB&J.  Sometimes I wonder why the pious Job was smitten with boils, when he could have simply been cursed with a legume allergy instead.

It may be a Rhode Island thing, or else my mom is a culinary genius.  Ever since I've been young, peanut butter was the condiment of choice on our BLT's.  While you peons settle for mayonnaise, we have been relishing in the creaminess that the salty, earthy, depth of flavor that peanut butter adds.  Nothing else will do.

You think that's nuts?

Try it.  Here may be photographic evidence of the most amazing "BLT with PB" the world has ever seen.

This is how it's done with style:

Brioche or Challah rolls, sliced and toasted.  Mayonnaise on one side, peanut butter on the other - creamy or chunky, that is your battle, not mine.  Bacon (obviously), field greens instead of iceberg lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, and lastly, black pepper.

Tips:  It's the bread, it's the bread, it's the bread, dummy.  Get the best, freshest looking bread you can find.  Sandwiches are all about the bread.  Your fist bite and your last bite will inevitably be mostly bread, make sure those bites are memorable.

Pick out the juiciest tomatoes you can find and slice them real thick, like a 1/2 inch thick.  Think of them as the "meat."  Even though the bacon is actually the meat, think of the tomatoes as the patty if it were a burger.  You need juicy tomatoes to counter the saltiness of everything else.

Get good crunchy greens, arugula and spinach would be good too.  Like I said, go nuts.  Go easy on both the mayonnaise and the peanut butter, they are the drum and the bass line.  They need to be there but most people don't pay attention to them.  I like heaps of black pepper but salt isn't needed because of the saltiness of the bacon and most peanut butters are salted too.

You're welcome.

Authordavid koch