Boccalone's Meat Cone

A short while back I briefly entertained the idea of making a vegetarian section on Papawow.  Although I am huge advocate for eating less meat in general (mostly for environmental reasons) sometimes meat-related things come along that are so gluttonous that they should be praised the world over.  In San Francisco's Ferry Building, enter Boccalone's Meat Cone.

Kids have ice cream cones.   Squirrels have pine cones.  Boccalone has Meat Cones.


The concept is simple enough, they serve slices of their small-batch cured meats in a paper cone.  It may fit easily in one hand but it is rich enough to share.  They rattle off each type of salumi as they gently fold them into the paper.  I wonder how many people, like me, have had the names of each vanish into the ether, meanwhile drooling on the floor over the process.

Like a small child carefully watching the scooper full their Mint Chip at Baskin-Robbins, each time thinking to themselves more, more, more.  At Boccalone, you watch them assemble your Meat Cone and while your hear them saying things like, "Ciccioli, Coppa di Testa, Mortadella, Capocollo, Lonza..." - you are not listening to them.  Each time they place another slice, thinking to yourself, more, more, more


Boccalone's Tasty Salted Pig Parts

When it all comes down to pig, salt, and spices, I'm amazed at the myriad flavors they at Boccalone cull from the process.  Each style is so distinct from the next.  They pride themselves on their small-batch process which includes sustainable raised, heritage-breed pork, hand butchering, less salt (which takes longer but retains more flavor), and cold curing.



Boccalone - Please Don't Disturb the MeatsFortunately, you don't have to go to the Ferry Building to get them, they mail-order from their website here.

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