I was sent this video from multiple people last week.  It is from an exposé by ABC 7 (WJLA - Washington DC).  They tracked down the source of many of Whole Food's brand 365 Organic (by looking at the label on the back) and found that many come from China.  It appears as if the footage aired in May 2008. 

The video raises several questions.  Can organic certification be trusted in China?  What's better, organic produce flown in from half way across the globe, or a little FDA approved pesticides on produce grown locally?  If the "California Blend" of frozen vegetables comes from China, shouldn't they call it the "Chengdu Blend"?  Why are people just circulating this video now?


I know that I love the deli section of Whole Foods and have been known to drop some coin on a gourmet lunch every now and then.  I don't think Whole Foods sucks, do you?  What are your thoughts?  If you had to choose only one... would you go with local?  Or, organic?

Authordavid koch