photo by Dave Koch

We use a lot of soap in our house and I've always been a fan of Dr. Bronner's Magic Pure Castile Soap but the huge squirt bottle kind of sucks.  Really.  What I discovered recently is that the magic really occurs when you dilute it into a foaming hand soap pump.

Well, you've got to wash your hands, and you've always got dishes to do... so why not do them the Magic Pure Castile way?

Begin with a fancy foaming hand pump soap, we use Dial [don't you wish everyone did...?]  

Use it up.

photo by Dave Koch




I grew up on the stuff, usually the Peppermint scent.  It works great for cutting grease on dishes and it doesn't do a nasty toll on your "dish-pan" hands.  Unfortunately, it never has had a decent delivery system - until I tried putting it into foaming hand soap pumps.  Now it is complete.



We have used the Peppermint, the Lavender, and the Tea Tree Oil.  I even added a little Tee Tree Oil that I had sitting around to each batch.  Why not?  

photo by dave Koch

For each, add a small squirt (maybe an ounce or so) to the soap bottle, fill the rest up with water, cap it and you're done.  

I'm not the cheapest bastard in the the bunch but let's do the math:

A 32 ounce bottle of Dr. Bronner's costs $15 and will make about 20 batches of hand soap.  That's about 75 cents per batch and I swear it works as good as - or better than the stuff you have laying around.

Give it whirl!  I'm going to try the Rose or the Eucalyptus next...

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