At the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival last weekend Celebrichef Mario Batali dropped a couple of F'bombs into the crowd and made a minor stink.  Of course I wasn't there, with plates going for $1,000+, but I read about it on the NY Post.  The juiciest part of the whole scene?  

King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain were there - and supposedly within earshot.

Presented by Food & Wine, hosted by Southern Wine & Spirits of Florida and Florida International University (FIU), "the festival benefits the Teaching Restaurant and the Southern Wine & Spirits Beverage Management Center, both located at FIU."

According to the same article Mario told The Post, "Well, I say the word 'mother[bleep]er' a lot."

Who cares?  Just because you're a King or a Queen, doesn't mean you don't drop your own F'bombs.  I know plenty of Queens who drop F'bombs...

Authordavid koch