Cat food or human food? by Maggie T
I'm going to spare you video of chicken farms with 1.5 million birds under a 1/4 acre roof; the thrashing around, the sound, and any references to what only a few poor souls truly know what about what it might smell like inside.

Instead, let's take a closer look at the shear genius that goes into mass-production meat - because on many levels it is a miracle of science that there are 6+ Billion people on this Earth, and the vast majority of them are NOT starving.

Don't lecture me about how meat is murder, and how a vegetarian lifestyle is the only way to really give back to society.  I'm fully aware that the amount of meat Westerners consume isn't sustainable, and that the meat-industrial complex is slowly killing us all.

Nevertheless, there is something hypnotic and awesome about a machine in motion.  The exacting movements, carefully set and regulated by the Engineers.  The cold metal in rhythm.  There is something primal about admiring a machine that can tear the flesh off an animal.  

Especially one that can tear the flesh off 1,500 animals an hour...



Atsushi Suzuki tells us how:
"The most important thing in removing chicken meat from bones is the process of making shallow cuts.  In that process it makes shallow cuts at the tip of the shoulder and around the collarbone.

It recognizes images taken by the camera and changes the depth and location of the cuts for each chicken.  Then it finally pulls the meat off the bone.  After that some white breast meat still remains on the bone, so it makes a shallow cut there and removes the white breast meat.

In the end, it has removed the breast meat, wing base, wing tip, and white breast meat that was hidden behind the breast from the bone, and all that is left is the bones.  After making the shallow cuts, the process of removing the bone from the meat on a track is quite similar to the manual process.

After all the manual process is an excellent one, and we make it a point to make ours as close to it as we can.  Our company's machine for de-boning thighs and the lower torso in the same way is selling very well right now overseas

Overseas the food culture is to eat more breast meat than thigh meat, and we therefore intend to introduce this to our customers overseas."


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