Kitchen Gadgets

From Wired comes a list of 12 Kitchen Gadgets you can use to impress relatives and friends alike this Thankgiving.  We had a tradition where people would bring ambigious gadgets to the gathering and everyone would sit around and guess what they could be used for.  

I clearly remember one year where a wooden spagetti measure (like this one) stumped the clan for days.  This was obviously pre-Google. 

Some of the downright silly gadgets on Wired's list include... the Turkey Frying Rig, theThermometer Pan, and the hideous pink, cat-eye, Onion Glasses for preventing tears while chopping onions.  Good lord, really?  

I honestly wouldn't mind; however, checking out the Clifton Food Range for cooking sous vide "under vacuum," and OK, maybe the Spice Gun just for kicks and saying, "Bam Bam Bam."  You can find the list here - via


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