From, comes some interesting insight into holiday dining and drinking trends.  Citing a fragile economy, it indicates that business is down for restaurants and bars.

"two-thirds (66 percent) of fine dining patrons admitted they are going out less often compared to a year ago...and 52 percent of casual dining visitors." 

They delve into how grocery and convenient stores may be picking up the slack as people consume their beverages of choice at home.

Some other interesting factoids in the survey are:


  •      Expect an increase in online alcoholic beverage shopping, especially wine.
  •      On-premise retailers may begin to push customer loyalty programs.
  •      Some states may increase the legal hours for alcohol purchases, Sundays for example.
  •      Due to the "localization" trend in consumerism, domestic wines and spirits are making gains against imports.  
  •      Alcoholic beverages are traditionally more recession-resistant than other products.
  •      There will likely be an increase in giving alcoholic beverages as gifts this year. (like's Best Selling Gifts)



     The Nielsen Company's Senior Vice President for Beverage and Alcohol, Richard Hurst gives some advice to retailers

“[They] should consider multiple store display locations to capitalize on impulse purchasing, as well as providing gift accessories nearby, such as bottle openers, gift bags, mixed drink party pack ingredients and glassware.”

 - Dave Koch

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