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We've all seen them but for most of us Lionfish seem reserved for aquariums; sometimes in public places, sometimes in the homes of friends bold enough to pull off salt water boxes.  Unfortunately for other fish, people have been seeing them in the Atlantic (where they are not native).  Unfortunately for us, we are not seeing them enough on our plates.

In a recent article in The Economist called, Eat for the Ecosystem, that's exactly what Sean Dimin, one of the owners of a firm called Sea to Table is proposing.  In order to help fend off the invasive species - eat them. Sea to Table "partners with local fishermen from sustainable wild fisheries, finding better markets for their catch."

The problem is not just that Lionfish are non-native, it is that they eat nearly everything

Mark Hixon, an Oregon State University professor of

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What were they thinking when they names these places?

I received this joke email from my dad, the original author is unknown and so are the brilliant photographers.  I take no credit for this but I found it hilarious and worthy of posting. 

I have actually been to Crabby Dick's in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and I can attest that the food there was pretty horrible.  It was the middle of the winter, the servers were a bunch of grumpy Slovenians, and needless to say no one wanted to be there, including myself.  

I know of a strip mall in Honolulu that has a Korean joint and a Chinese joint right next to each other, I don't have any pictures to prove it but their names are So Gong Dong and Fook Yuen respectively. 

Without further adieu, here we go.  Feel free to add your own snarky remarks in the comments section.


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