Everyone has at least one drawer for all their kitchen gadgets (even if you don't cook).  Because most of these gadgets are unitaskers, they spend the majority of their lives dusty and lonely, but if they play their cards right they get to join in the party during Thanksgiving (I'm looking at you, turkey baster).

There are a small handful of crucial and irreplaceable gadgets; however, that are, and should be omnipresent in every functional kitchen.  Here is a closer look at our collection, along with some musings on their efficacy and the frequency of their use in our kitchen. 

We have two drawers, here are the contents of the first which we shall dub, "The Big Drawer":


Spatulas (5 total, 4 of them are heap-proof silicone) - almost daily

Wooden Spoons (4) - almost daily

Tongs (2) - almost daily, the ones by Oxo Good Grips are the best

Ladle - almost weekly

Spatula Turner (3) - almost weekly

Balloon Whisk - almost weekly

Hand-held Cheese Grater - almost weekly (this one is better than ours)

Slotted Plastic Spoon - almost weekly

Microplane Grater/Zester (2)- almost weekly

Spider Skimmer - almost weekly

Rolling Pin (2, one wooden, one metal) - rarely

Biscuit Cutters (3, different sizes) - rarely

Steel Baster - rarely

Large Metal Spoons - rarely


What gadgets can you not live without?


Authordavid koch