photo by shawnzam

Deep down inside I've always known that bacon was good for you, it's so delicious!  How could possibly it be bad?

Well last Friday, following the death of a 115 year old woman in Portugal, Gertrude Baines of Los Angeles became the oldest person alive at 114 years young.  What's her secret?  Noni juice?  Spirulina?  Red wine?  No.  According to CNN in this video - she says it's bacon.

If you like your bacon crispy, even better yet, because she does too.  The LA Times reports that on that day, "Baines awoke to her usual breakfast gripe: her bacon wasn't crispy enough." - God bless her.

Just think about this, if all of her children had children by the age of 22 (which is not unreasonable), she would be a great-great-great-grandma to the youngest.

- Dave Koch

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