Continuing the breakfast trend, I may have indulged two or three time last week, my mornings have been more than just me and my old friend coffee.  I have been eating more fast food than usual, some Del Taco tacos and a McDonalds sausage biscuit.  This after I watched and wrote about the food industry's favorite documentary, Food Inc.

I reunited with some chums I hadn't seen in nearly a decade and drank nearly a gallon and a half of Bud Select.  We BBQ'd up another massive batch of Paradise Chicken and played pool and darts well past our bed times.  Good times were had by all.

I found an amazing Persian joint on Yelp and grabbed a Yogurt Soda which I had never heard of before.  I really liked it and I'm bound to try and make my own Yogurt Soda at home.  I also found a Chinese joint on Yelp that I wasn't too fond of, but c'est la via mon cheri!

I also tried Samuel Adams' new Noble Pils seasonal beer which I love - but after wondering which were the "all 5 Noble hops" were, I learned that calling Hersbrucker "Noble" is a bit of a controversy.  I finished off Tuesday by grabbing a 3L Black Box of Pinot Grigio at the market for $20.  I deserved it. 


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