This week wraps up after some really bad meals at work.  A bug or a bout with food poisoning left me "driving the porcelain bus to Ralph's house" one night - yes, I'm looking you square in the eyes Pizza Hut.  We always blame the last thing we ate but I've been told GI bugs can take 24 hours to incubate.  Nevertheless, never again!

More delicious Mexican food (naturally I suppose, since the US stole California from the Mexicans), some really good sushi, some amazing Italian food with really dark photos (I didn't want to disturb our neighbors), and more candy and soda than I normally consume.  Everything in moderation I suppose... even moderation.

One oddity I threw in there was some In-N-Out ads coming from my car's radio.  I looked down at the clock on I-5 one night to see on the display "HUNGRY?" - I thought, "As a matter of fact, thanks for asking."  Then I saw "FRESHNESS."  This is where the artist and song title normally are shown.  It took me a minute to realize that I wasn't being spoken to by a higher being a la Steve Martin's character Harris K. Telemacher in the movie LA Story.

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