This week has been a busy one at work.  Outside from the normal intake of fast food, fine dining, home cooked meals, coffee and beer, I bought a box each of chocolate and strawberry milks.  There was another Black Box of wine, I kept making Yogurt Sodas, and had a great night of kine beer with one of my oldest friends in Los Angeles.

On the road, I saw a school bus getting towed (you don't see that very often), twice the people in front of me ran into the people in front of them, I watched the Goodyear blimp take off, and I saw a monster truck that looked like it had tattoos.  We made fresh popcorn from scratch - you know, with a pot, a lid, some oil, some elbow grease, and a handful of corn.  I hadn't done that since I was a little kid.

We made waffles!  Picked some grapefruit and lemons, ate a bunch of peanuts, and saw a warning at a restaurant saying that they served food and/or drinks that contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer.  Sure, I'm assuming they were referring to tuna and swordfish; nevertheless, no one wants to read that.

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