Happy St. Patty's Day!  Kiss me I'm 3/8ths Irish (and I just found out that I'm 1/8th French Canadian too, but that's another story).  I plan on drinking beer in green bottles if I don't find green beer today and we're making some corned beef and cabbage.  Maybe I'll post the recipe.  Maybe I won't.

Looking back at last week, we've got a veritable mish-mash of meals.

Exhibit A (above):  I started making myself a "shake" in the mornings made up of psyllium husks, water, and yogurt.  I have some gross rituals that I blame on my pre-coffee sleep walking.  It either isn't that bad, or I'm a complete zombie in the AM.

I finished off my Samuel Adams variety pack called the Brewmaster's Collection (Boston Lager, Ale, Noble Pils, Cream Stout, Scotch Ale, and Coastal Wheat).  I was somewhat surprised to read the the Coastal Wheat actually had lemons on it.  Not bad though, hmm.  I also found a $29 beer at Whole Foods (no, I didn't buy it), and I tried two of Dogfish Head's more bizarre brews, Midas Touch and Palo Santo Marron.

At times Wheel of Fortune was on in the house, against my will, and I noticed they went through several food-related puzzles: Hungarian GoulashKiss the Cook, Swiss Cheese, and Dinner Menu.  I still don't understand how people leave that show with more dough than the nerds on Jeopardy.

The Girl Scouts struck again this week... in ice cream form, with Tagalongs ice cream from Dreyer's.  We made huge vat of Chili Verde that took a few days to finish off.  I ran out of coffee for the last two days and had to drink tea; although I bought more today (and got a free tote bag from Peet's, thanks!), I wasn't in dire tea straights like I thought I was going to be. 

To close the week, we had an earthquake last night.  A real, bona fide earthquake.  Enjoy the video.

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