The best part of waking up is a strong cup of Joe in my cup.  This week, I've been getting perky with some Starbucks fair trade Cafe Estima blend.  Iz good.  There were a lot of great home-cooked meals and a lot of new joints I discovered for lunch; a great week of food all together.

If you haven't left your house in the last two weeks, the Girl Scouts are at it again pushing their Samoas and their Caramel deLites on shoppers exiting the supermarkets.  There were cameos this week by French Toast, Lindt Chocolate, our cute-as-a-button nephew Logan, and Cadbury Mini Eggs (Amy's favorite seasonal indulgence.)

I visited an old favorite Mexican joint that I haven't been to in 8 years (El Burrito Jr.), got a Black Box of Shiraz (they call it Shiraz even though the wine is from California... hmm), went to a crazy-busy German deli in Carlsbad, and saw some funky cars while racking up another 1000 miles on the road. 

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