With the baby my caffeine intake has been upped by about 50%.  One tablespoon has turned into two tablespoons, medium coffees have turned into larges, large coffees have turned into red eyes. 

I had a work dinner at Buca di Beppo, in the Pope's Room no less, and I liked the food.  I didn't think I would, but I did - and I liked the cake too!  I don't like cake, so, good job BDB.  Dinner for 22 was $1400 but telling dirty jokes in front of a bust of Pope John Paul II was priceless.

I scored some amazing waves at a secret spot near some train tracks in South Orange County.  My friend Rick keeps a plastic sword, a sombrero, and a 1980s briefcase in his truck just in case there is a photo shoot.  Bravo Rick.  Bravo.

I was tempted to buy some malanga but I didn't, some haupia pudding but I didn't, and some Sparks but I didn't.  If anyone has any suggestions on how to prepare malanga, let me know.  They're not supposed to be squishy, are they?  If anyone has any suggestions on drinking Sparks, keep them to yourself.

This week was brought to you by Samuel Adams, Coors Light, Kirkland Signature "Winery" (don't scoff, you snob), Bridlewood Winery, and Ridge Winery.

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