Burritos, coffee, some Russian food, and a triathlon of sorts where the biking has been replaced by drinking beer.  Perfect for me because I don't even own a road bike but even if I did, I'm not a big fan of road bike seats.  The event was hosted by a Navy Seal, god bless 'em, those boys sure know how to host a BBQ.

We grilled a whole turkey, compliments of Honeysuckle White, after brining it for several hours in a Chelada brine (recipe to come) - and it came out fantastic.  I had my doubts about grilling turkey but now I think that's the way to go.

I made some homemade Seasoned Salt with paprika and a couple of odd spices I don't run into often, sumac and filé.  Sumac is most comonly used on salads and kabob; filé is generally associated with gumbo.  This mixture makes for a close relative to a Lawry's-style seasoned salt but with a je ne sais quoi.

Fueling up for the big race

This week was brought to you by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and Tekate.

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