Highlights of the week included a fun-filled trip to Vancouver.  Many thanks to Eric and Anderson for putting everything together.  There some great meals there where, unfortunately, camera-phone pictures didn't turn out so well in the dimly lit restaurants.

I may have filled up my memory card taking pictures of all the beers we drank; I just hope we put some bar owner's daughter through college.  And, after a long weekend with the boys, there's nothing like a carton of chocolate milk to settle the stomach for an airplane ride home.  

There were also some oysters to spice things up and some amazing halibut tacos at a not-so-secret spot in Carlsbad.  There was Salmon Jerky, heaps of berries, Crunchy Snack Mix with 46 ingredients, and another batch of Potica

This week was brought to you by the phenomenal Stone Brewery, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, Curtis Winery, and Pannikin Coffee Roasters.

Chicken Taco with Cabbage, Sour Cream, and Avocado

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