We made some "Joe's Specials" a la Joe Jost.  Joe Jost's is the likely the oldest and definitely the most iconic bar in Long Beach California.  The place has been around since 1924 and about they only thing they serve besides beer are peanuts, pickled eggs, and Joe's Specials - A Polish Sausage, a slice of Swiss cheese a pickle, and mustard on rye bread.

We also made a trip to Stone Brewery, one day we'll do the tour, but this time we just ate and Amy did a tasting flight.  Their duck tacos are pretty good.

A trip to the farmer's market yielded some fresh vegetables especially some amazing red bell peppers.  We made a curry and we put some turnip greens in with the rice.  This is a technique I will be sticking with, they came out magnificent.

I was tipped off to Antonelli's Deli in El Cajon where I fell in love with an Italian sandwich, the #1.  I also caved once and got a McMuffin at McDonalds, although I could have easily eaten two.

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