Work has been in overdrive so the long Independence Day weekend was greatly appreciated.  We got to see some old friends, thanks Spankey and Trish for hosting, you guys are the best.  

Dining in, we've been eating pretty healthy, mostly making big salads.  My favorite meal of the week was our Burritos with Black Beans, Potatoes, and Soyrizo.  That's right, Soyrizo.  Soy + Chorizo, it's vegetarian and dios mio, since there's no guilt involved, I think I like it better than the real thing.

Dining out has been another matter.  Pizza, BBQ, and beer.  A little Wendy's, a little El Pollo Loco.  Those $.99 Menus call to me like sirens.  I'm a cheap bastard, and sometimes I just can't justify spending $10 at the salad bar of Whole Foods when I can grab a hot Spicy Chicken Sandwich and a water with the change sitting in my car's cup holder.

This week has been brought to you by Ridge Winery, Curtis Winery, Tecate, Samuel Adams, and Soyrizo.

Cold Beer, Warm Pizza


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