The highlight of the week was, by far, celebrating our 5th year anniversary at French 75 in Laguna Beach.  Thanks to grandma and grandpa for babysitting, there were scallops, halibut, mussels, lobster, wine, laughs, and romance was in the air.

Unrelated to food, I surfed the "shark infested" waters off San Onofre and froze my rear end off - really people, it's August, why am I still wearing my 4/3?

There was some P.F.Chang's in the mix somewhere in there, a Lobster Roll, and I discovered the wine section at Oceanside's Grocery Outlet.  The clincher was pulling out a Houghton's 1999 "Jack Mann" Cab/Malbec for $9.99.  It was pretty amazing.

A friend of mine is taking a wine class at UC Davis and met the wine buyer for them.  They have some of the best deals around.  I think he said because many are blemished labels.  Sorry Trader Joe's, but I think I know where I'll be getting all my swill from now on.

This week was brought to you by Duvel Beer, Carhartt, Hogue, and Houghton Wineries.

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