There has been a lot of swell lately and with work, I've been incredibly busy.  We went to a beautiful wedding last weekend in Long Beach (my hometown), thank you Eric and Laura, it was amazing.  Earlier that day we were able to make a pit stop at one of my favorite joints, The Yardhouse, and take a ride on the Big Red Bus.

The following morning, nothing was going to soak up the previous night's debauchery better than an egg, potato, bacon, cheese, and chorizo Breakfast Burrito from Nick's Deli in Seal Beach.  I even broke up the two halves of my burrito with a bowl of ice cream, that's what I was feeling at the time.

This week was brought to you by Red Bull, the Sauvignon Republic, and Country Bob's Spicy All-Purpose Sauce.  "I'm a Yummy, Chummy, Funny, Lucky Gummy Bear."

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