This week we broke up our burritos with a trip to a farmer's market where we grabbed some baby turnips.  The little guys made it into our salads and we satueed their greens up with a little shallot and olive oil, mmm mmm delish.  I also saw the biggest squash I've ever seen.  They were Tahitian and the purveyor said they grew some as big as 80 pounds.

We had a proper St.Patric's Day meal complete with Corned Beef and Boiled Cabbage.  We managed to find a nitrate-free Corned Beef at Whole Foods, not that we normally care but one of us is pregnant.  Just when I thought it was safe to back to the grocery store... the Girl Scouts struck again.  Another box of Samoas, another 22% of the RDA of saturated fat per 2 cookies.

We ate a lot of Strawberries which are just now coming into season.  The baskets later in the week were far better than the ones in the beginning.  I don't know if it makes any difference, and would love to know if there are any strawberry experts out there, but we noticed that in the better ones, the redness had penetrated closer to the center.  The less flavor they had, there seemed to be more white inside.

I found a joint called Bite of Boston that some days has a Lobster Roll.  It was amazing and they are now on my radar whenever I'm in the area.  We also had an amazing meal at Mario Batali's Pizzarria Mozza, unfortunately they weren't selling orange Crocks at the attached market or I may have bought some.

To wrap up the week, I had a great meal at Stone Brewery, likely my favorite brewery.  I was warned about the food from multiple people so my expectations were set low; unfortunately, they came in right at mark.  Nevertheless, the place is amazing.  If you like beer, the place is worth making a haj to.

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