There has been a plethora of media coverage on saving money lately and of particular interest to us is going out on the cheap. Here are some websites we've found to help you get out more, without having to break the piggy bank:


  • - If you're not already a member of Goldstar, click on this link, and join (Papawow still be here when you get back).  It's free, they send you one email per week, with events in categories in which you are interested in.  The tickets they sell are usually half price - or free - if a venue just needs warm bodies.  We use Goldstar extensively.
  • - They sell coupons for specific restaurants, you can search within your area and by cuisine.  You can buy a $25 coupon for $10 but if you sign up for their email list, they often send great promotions.  You can purchase $25 coupons for as little as $2 sometimes.  There are some regulations ('like $35 minimum tab,' or, 'not for use on Friday/Saturday'), but nevertheless, it's a great deal.
  • - This shows listings for free and cheap drinks in 6 major US cities so far;  New York,  Los AngelesChicagoHonolulu , Miami, and San Francisco.  Right now there are $.80 Cosmo's at 'The Bar'  in SF's Castro District.
  • - Depending on where you live, there may be few - or there may be a ton of events listed on Yelp.  What's nice though is that events here are not only promoted by owners, but by attendees too.  The range can be anything from Macy's Dine About Town 2009 Launch Party to a Weekly Small Dog Beach Walk.
  • - Specific to the Bay Area, they list events that take place near BART stations.  They always have free events and today, for example, they're selling $48 Golden State Warriors tickets for only $15
  • - Also specific to the Bay Area, this is even more San Francisco central.  They pay special attention to the relative value of a ticket, most things are going to be less than $10.  Lots of music.
  • - Book your tee times online and save big bucks.  They are in a bunch of US metropolitan areas, check them out.  18 holes in San Francisco with a cart for less than $30?  Woo-hoo!
  • - There is always Craigslist.  Never a dull moment on Craigslist.  Everything makes it on to Craigslist: Star trek Role play game by e-mailSuper Heroes and Nudes in Hot Oils, sorry I'll try and keep the subject matter relevant.  Craigslist is; however, a great way to find others interested in doing Supper/Dinner Clubs.


Don't forget to check your local newspaper's website to see if they have a related newsletter on fun, cheap, and/or kid related activities.  Sometimes, that's the only place things will turn up.

- Dave Koch

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