I hate raw food, in theory. It's so boring! There's so much you can do with a carrot, for example; just think of the myriad methods of heat application. Intersect that with fat, spices, herbs, and the oh-so-powerful edible rock!  Add some sauce! A carrot needn't be just a carrot.

But I never cease contradicting myself. I love fresh food, often raw, often alone. Have you ever driven through Gilroy during the garlic festival? How fantastic! And I almost called that boring! Still in the dirt and miles away, the powerful, alluring aroma wafts through the car windows.

What about sashimi?  What was only yesterday (or today!) thrashing vibrantly through the open ocean, fighting long and hard for its life, only to flop to the deck of a boat and ended up between chop sticks.  The deep red flesh of ahi is like no other; the fresh, clean scent and the firm, yet delicate texture tantalizes the senses.

And what about the oyster? I will leave that description to MFK Fisher who, as a young girl, experienced the oyster of a lifetime. Her lifetime has since expired, but her oyster remains fresh, crisp, immortal.  And solitary.

Wild strawberries. Grapes from the vine. Fresh-caught trout. Apples from the tree. Often best unaccompanied, these are not boring. And the carrot. Sweet, crisp, orange flesh. When picked at the right time it is a juicy root inspiring uncontrollable salivation. I love the carrot.


AuthorLoren Tama