We fought through the parking lot, dodging Dodge Stratus's, Chrysler Sebrings, Crown Vics, and Buick Regals.  Many had today's newspaper tucked under one arm, there were the Members Only jackets, some were sporting the shades that they hand out at the optometrist.  Why were we there?

Because yesterday Denny's did it again - the Tuesday after the Super Bowl, they lost their marbles and gave away their signature breakfast from 6am until 2pm, The Grand Slam.  For those of you living in a cave or living with butlers, the Grand Slam is 2 pancakes, 2 slices of bacon, 2 sausages, and 2 eggs your way.

The Grand Slam exemplifies what Denny's does very well, their 'Bread and Butter' if you will, a hearty breakfast at an affordable price.  We were in, seated, and out in no time, and we had service with a smile despite the obvious mayhem.  They were rocking the T-shirts above special for the occasion; I love 'em.

Nelson Marchioli, Denny's CEO, Comments on Denny's Free Grand Slam Giveaway (from Market Watch):

"Once again our Free Grand Slam giveaway was a great day for Americans and a great day for Denny's. We welcomed millions of Americans into our restaurants and served them our signature Grand Slam breakfast.

We received an outpouring of the most genuine and heartwarming comments from our guests, servers and managers. We hope to continue to connect with our guests with real affordable offers all year long so they can fall in love with Denny's again."

We did notice; however, that the bacon and sausages were likely baked instead of fried, the texture being the key indicator.  Different than what we are used to, although not unpleasant and yet expected with all things considered.  Well, kudos Denny's, a bold move and a statement in this economy.  "We are Denny's, hear us Roar!"

Authordavid koch