Coffee, coffee, Peanut Brittle Ice Cream, rain, coffee, beer, coffee.  The rain continued to dump on California, there was plenty of traffic, and I found a great Greek buffet in the barrio.  I ate more fruit salads than usual, I found two new flavors of gum (Piña Colada and Exotic Mint with Cardamom), and I ate 2 pounds of popcorn while watching 3D Avatar at the IMAX.

The Girl Scouts are in full effect now peddling their tasty wares of deliciousness to unsuspecting dieters; Samoas (AKA Caramel Delights) are the Achilles Heel in our home.  I made 12 pounds of Paradise Wings for the Super Bowl and there were plenty of snacks for the Saints' victory march.  "Who is that?"

Denny's gave away 2 million Grand Slams away and I ate one.  A batch of pizzelles was made at our house, there were some bona fide Polish pickels served at a birthday party, and I had a beer that I have never tried before, (which doesn't happen very often) Taurino.  A very good week of WWBE...

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