"Perfect for bar mitzvahs, weddings, and circumcisions."

Dan thinks he's a Jew, but he loves He'Brew!


Last night we took part in a beer tasting at San Francisco's Jug Shop of choice brews from Schmaltz Brewing Company's West Coast beer guru Zak Davis.  From their invitation email:

"Known for their highly irreverent slogans, the Shmaltz Brewing Company in Saratoga Springs, New York, has established itself as one of the nation's premier craft brewers.  Founded in 1996 by Bay Area proprietor Jeremy Cowan as an "experiment" for Chanukah, the award-winning He'Brew line of beers was launched with just 100 cases...

In the past 5 years, what started an inside joke is now an all-American success story. Shmaltz Brewing has grown over 550% and includes 11 beers between two brands: He'Brew and the recently launched line of Coney Island Lagers. The He'Brew beers include Origin: Pomegranate Strong Ale, Bittersweet Lenny's RIPA (a rye-based double IPA), and Jewbelation 12, American's only (12% abv) Extreme Chanukah Beer."


We were impressed across the board with everything they poured and some particular standouts included the Coney Island Albino Python; a white beer made with ginger in addition to traditional Wit Bier aromatics.  I love ginger and thought the lever of ginger was perfect, they said it goes very well with sushi and I could imagine they would pair well.

Another was the Coney Island Lager - strong, well malted, and with a considerable level of dry hops.  There was a great floral nose, so much that I swear I could pick out Cascade hops and name it.  Another big winner was Bittersweet Lenny's R.I.P.A.  A Rye-based double I.P.A. wieghing in at 10%, this had a body like karate and a smooth finish.

To finish off the tasting they poured their Jewbelation Twelve; they combine 12 malts with 12 different vatieties of hops and make sure it kicks 12% alcohol by volume.  A heafty brew that is well balanced, I found it to lack many of the clove and iso-amyl acetate [banana] flavors you find in Belgian beers with a similar heat... which was a wonderful change of pace.

Thanks to the crew at the Jug Shop and Zac Davis with Schmaltz Brewing company for hosting a great event!



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