photo by j-rod89

Celibrichef Cat Cora is one of our favorite Iron Chefs
.  There was one battle in particular that she lost and I almost wrote a letter to Food Network because I thought she was robbed.  I've done it before.  I wrote them when they moved Good Eats out of the 11:30pm slot, thus ruining my "Hour of Power" of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart at 11pm and following it with Alton Brown.  I didn't get a response.


Back to the subject at hand.  Cat Cora and her partner Jennifer are both pregnant, Cat is due three months later.  They have 2 children together, and according to Fox News, they are all from the same anonymous sperm donor and thus biologically related. 


To make things even more fun... Cat is carrying Jennifer's egg! Both women's embryos were implanted with Jennifer's current pregnancy so they don't know who the biological mother is, and they don't have plans to take a DNA test.  Cat tells OK! Magazine [via Cat's blog]  "[Jennifer] carried my embryo amd [sic] I carried hers. It’s like surrogating, but obviously all of our kids are equal.”


Well, "Good on ya Cat" - as they would say in Australia



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