Making your own stock is easy and can save you a fair amount of money.  There is really nothing difficult about it.  Make a big pot of stock and the key is to freeze it into pre-measured containers.  Pictured above are Ziploc's Twist 'n Loc containers, I used the 4 cup (1 quart) and 2 cup (1 pint) sizes.  That way you can drop them easily into a recipe.

Save all of your vegetable scraps; tough asparagus ends, celery butts, eggplant skins, carrots that have started to go limp, your garlic that's begun to sprout, that onion half that's been sitting in the fridge for the last two weeks.  Don't worry about the texture, soft veggies make a fine stock.  Save and freeze all your bones as well and all your herbs that are about to turn. 

Keep all of these veggies and bones in the freezer until you have a good amount.  I make sure that I have about two pounds of scraps and bones for each gallon of stock that I plan to make.

Throw them all in a pot, bring to a boil, then turn down to a simmer.  Keep that going on the stove for a few hours.  Cool the stock as quickly as possible.  One method is to fill the sink with cold water and place the stock pot in the cold water. 

Water has an extremely high volumetric heat capacity so use cold water to bring the temperature down more quickly.  Strain and pour into your containers.  Voilà!


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