Belgian Ale.  Light but full bodied.  A hint of fruit.  Possibly the best BBQ beverage ever.

The other day, a sunny but cool day (unusual for Sacramento anytime after St. Patrick's day) we ventured to the farmer's market and bought some fresh, wild coho salmon (we just missed the wild king).  Next, we headed to Taylor's Market which is known for their old-school butcher shop.


This was our first visit and we enjoyed the charm and friendly, helpful staff.  We did pick out some meats but the treat was their selection of Belgium ales.  I picked out the La Chouffe as I hadn't tried it before and they didn't carry Chimay's white label (just the blue & red).

What caught my attention was the description of a white ale with spice, this is due to the addition of coriander (what makes the Lost Coast's Great White Ale one of our favorites).  My first sip was just as I had hoped.  Full, malty, sweet - and while I finished my glass long before the salmon was done, I was in a great mood and ready to chow down!  Incidentally, we paired the fish with a grilled corn and potato salad with red onion, tomato, ricotta and basil.


AuthorHeather Ward
CategoriesDrinks, Humor