Kitchen Gadgets

Every good kitchen has a bunch of gadgets.  They keep well in drawers, some used rarely, some never.  Earlier we examined "The Big Drawer," those tools that stir, scoop, shred, and otherwise make a meal happen.  Here we examine "The Small Drawer," those gadgets that we could live without, but they really really come in handy.

They measure, they shred, they peel.  Like I said, we could cook without them, but we'd rather not.  Here is our list of gadgets which you will find in "The Small Drawer":


Tea Ball /Tea Spoon (one of each) - almost daily

Measuring Cups - almost daily

Measuring Spoons - almost daily

Can Opener - almost daily

Serving Spoons - almost daily

Pizza Cutter - almost weekly (we like this one)

Bench Scraper - almost weekly

Vegetable Peelers (4 total, 2 Lancashire peelers and 2 "Y" peelers) - almost weekly

Hand-held Cheese Plane - almost weekly

Garlic Press - almost weekly

Ice Cream Scooper - almost weekly (we like this one)

Candy Thermometer - rarely

Pastry Blender - rarely

Very Small Spatula - rarely

Hand Mixer Beaters - rarely

Small Metal Spatulas (a Mini Off-set Icing Spatula and a Straight one)  - rarely

Spaghetti Measuring Tool - rarely

Pastry Brush - rarely

Zester - rarely

Melon Baller - rarely

Muddler - rarely

Citrus Reamer - rarely

Small Whisks (2) - like this 3-Piece Whisk Set - rarely


What useless gadgets are you secretly harboring in your kitchen junk drawer?



Authordavid koch