Coffee, cardamom gum, and the meatiest Cobb Salad I've ever had; a Pulled Pork Cobb nonetheless.  Easter candy is also here and Palmer's Peanut Butter Eggs, although not as good as Reese's, are tough to pass on.

I found a Vietnamese place called Pho "T" - I wonder if they intended the malt liquor reference, I didn't ask.  My co-worker asked for something unique and they served us a very sweet drink with lychee, dried cherries (?) and some seaweed-looking stuff.  Not unpleasant, but definitely something I've never had before.  I wish I wrote down what is was called.

I had one of my favorite Starbucks concoction, the veritable Green Tea Latte with No Syrup and Extra Matcha.  It's a mouthful, get it?  Mouthful?  Never mind.  I also found Top Gun Street in San Diego as well as some tasty waves.

I attended the Food Blog Forum Seminar in LA along with a ton of other friendly like-minded writers.  What started as a BYO Brown Bag Lunch turned into a potluck and delivery by Baby Blue BBQ and Next Door Pizza - I stuffed myself silly!  Praise the Lord too because all I brought was a handful of almonds!

The World Fare Bustaurant came by which is a full double-decker bus with dining on the roof and Haute Cuisine coming out the side.  I had several of their dishes and everything was mouth watering and delicious.  They're putting a new twist on the Roach Coach, find them @worldfare.  Did I mention that I think I got a photo of the Teenage Glutster's Vespa?

Wrapping things up, I am trying out another box of wine, Pinot Evil.  Cute name, environmentally-friendly packaging, and the sauce is pretty good too.  Check them out.  There was another food-related Wheel of Fortune answer, "Seared Scallops with Snow Peas."  Lastly, I've now dubbed my morning shake of psyllium husks and yogurt, "Mugurt," pronounced myoo-gert.  It fits.


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