Somewhere between McNuggets and a McRib

On his blog, Weather Sealed, Stephen von Worley asked the question, "just how far away can you get from our world of generic convenience?"  More specifically, he sought to answer the question - How far could one possibly get from a McDonald's...

He compiled the locations of all 13,000+ McDonald's locations in the contiguous 48 - and then mapped them.  What you see below is a speck of light emanating from each:  the grid forming tight clusters around metropolitian areas and outlines pf the major freeways like a geographically correct Lite-Brite.

Stephen then proceeded to work out the math to determine where in the United States is the farthest place from any McDonald's (in the 48, and on land - being in the middle of Lake Michigan doesn't work). 

Where would be the worst place to find yourself having a Mac Attack?

Somewhere between Meadow and Glad Valley, South Dakota. (Google Maps photo above, really)

You would find yourself 145 miles by car in any direction from the juicy, 7.5 ounce, two-patty wonder that is the Big Mac.  I hardly eat fast food, and that's not a knock on anyone who does, I just don't often find myself at the counter answering the immortal question, "Do you want fries with that?"

I do; however, enjoy myself a Big Mac every once in a while - yes I do.  So Lord help me that I lose my internal compass in South Dakota and end up in this place... 

Authordavid koch
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